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Protective Clear Faceshield

faceshield protective mask

Product Information:

The face screen is made of PET material, colorless and transparent, which effectively protects the face and eyes. It has the characterictics of double-sided anti-fog, anti-static and anti-vertigo, which can effectively prevent the vision is blurred due to temperature difference and water vapor, and has no irritating effect on the eyes.

Product: Protective Clear Faceshield.
Material: Anti-fog PET material.
Spec (cm): 32 x 22.
Mask Thickness (mm): 0.18-0.3
Headwear material: Elastic band.
Inner support material: Sponge.
Protection effect: Used for daily protection, anti-fog, anti-spray, anti-oil for kitchen, splah proof, insolation.


Safety face shield, adjustable and confortable transparent full face protective visor with eye and head protection, anti-spitting splash facial cover.


  • It is recommended to use a mask.
  • Can be rinsed with clean water and can't wiped directly.
  • Before used, tear off the transparent protective film on both side of the lens.


faceshield details
faceshield protective

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